Wonder of Appleseeds

Great children’s book about the Wonder’s of Appleseeds!

“Jocelyn Mojzes writes extraordinary stories about ordinary things, people and 1encounters. In clear and simple language, the author teaches us to appreciate the charms of nature, especially the beauty of the plant world. She shows us how to sow and care for trees, to rejoice in their growth and fruits, as well as to love, protect and live with nature. In these stories, the love of nature helps people of various ages and backgrounds discover the magic of friendship, goodness and love. Jocelyn Mojzes teaches us how to make the world a truly good place to live.” Dolores Bettini

These stories of inspiration are often referred to in hebrew as “adin” or gentle. They are suitable for almost every age and stage of cover -frontlife. “Each of us is on our own unique and special path but we can also draw wisdom strength and inspiration from each other.”…..Jocelyn Mojzes

These stories have remarkably found their way into the world of bibliotherapy and bibliodrama to successfully help children express themselves emotionally, creatively and to help them to develop their natural ability to imagine, empathize, understand and build trust in the world around them. 

“Israel is on the forefront of bibliotherapy and it makes me happy to know that my storiees have been discovered here in Israel”…Jocelyn Mojzes 

“In my work, I am constantly drawing parallels between the natural processes of life to our own processes of healing and by doing so, I aim for a better understanding and appreciation for all life.” …Jocelyn Mojzes