Volcanic Hot Springs – Relax and Melt your Cares Away: Go to Costa Rica!

Traveling through Costa Rica this winter 2018, I had the occasion to visit the lush-green Arenal Volcanic region. Just asking around I could find many steamy hot-springs and pretty ancient looking green-mountain touristic spas where people enjoyed basking in the warm mineral baths…but I was not satisfied with the touristic areas! I had to get away from the maddening crowds and Coca Cola mediocrity! I was simply in search of the perfect Volcanic Spa! And I discovered it by driving as far I as I could from the town where people focused on restaurants, shops, and bungy-chord jumping activities. In search of a private and peaceful “paradise,” I discovered “The Springs Resort & Spa” at this link, as seen in these images of relaxation, warmth, and healing.

As I noticed this conspicuously alluring street sign “The Springs Resort,” it took me down a long meandering road into the valley and the cliff areas of cute monkey-sloths and great green iguana-like wildlife. Now I knew I’d escape the tourist’s traps. I had landed in such an amazing “castle-like” retreat. In a few hours it came to be known as my own personal paradise!

For three luxurious days, I soaked in the warm mineral waters at these hot springs. All-day-long I would go from one heated mineral pool to the next. They were heated in successive gradations, up and down the cliff of the beautiful resort so that no matter which pool I roamed into…it was more comfortable than the one before it. Plentiful towels were available with relaxing cabana beds and chaise lounges – all adjacent to bar/restaurants built-into the swimming pools. One could eat while sitting in a warm pool area! I could also read, relax and go to one of 3 special additional restaurants for lunch or dinner.










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