Reflexology – our feet connect directly to our healthy organs!

raayah_smMeet Raayah Levy, naturopath, nutritionists, reflexologist and reiki energy practitioner extraordinaire. Raahay really cares about her patients and their wellness.

My name is Raayah Levy and I have been treating patients with reflexology, Reiki and Naturopathy for over 18 years.

I treat patients of all ages, from two year old to people over ninety. Some of them come for one or two sessions only, others have been coming, on a regular basis, for a few years. They all benefit from the treatment, from the relaxation it provides, the relief from pain, and in general, the long-term good health attained.

I encountered reflexology after suffering for many years from seasonal tenacious sinusitis (that regular doses of antibiotics did not cure). Only after a few treatments by alternative medicine methods did the problem disappear for good.

I completed my naturopathy studies in “The College for Complementary Medicine” in Tel Aviv and received the title of “Advanced Reflexologist” from Reidman College in Jerusalem. I further specialized in the treatment of pregnant women and cancer patients.history-reflexology (1)

A brief history

The first depiction of reflexology is found on ancient Egyptian wall reliefs and hieroglyphs (2300 BC). Through the later centuries, reflexology treatment has spreads itself in China, India and Japan as well. Only in 1949 the British physiotherapist Eunice Ingham introduced it to our modern world by summarizing the method in her books, where she mapped the areas of reflexes and the links between foot/hand/body.

How does reflexology work?

Reflexology stimulates a connection between the different organs of our bodies, both internal and external. Connective tissue, nervous system, the blood system and lymphatic system, all ending at our extremities – the hands and feet – sending an “echo” of problems occurring in our bodies, enabling their detection and treatment.

reflexology1 (1)By applying pressure to the different areas in the foot, one can sense the energy coming from the damaged organs; the massage relaxes, releases and heals ‘sending’ that same healing energy back to the center/the origin of the pain.

Relaxation and relief from pain are quick to come. However, restoring the patient to health requires a series of treatments.

Another principle, central to ancient Chinese medicine, is the idea that the therapist should maintain his patients in good health. By regular treatment and rigorous follow up, the therapist can detect problems in their initial stage and reinforce their immune system to prevent them from developing.

Reflexology treatment is particularly recommended for:

  • Ear-aches in infants and children
  • Insomnia, breathing problems and sore throat
  • Indigestion and metabolic conditions (constipation, irritable bowel, etc.)
  • Treatment of chemotherapy side effects (neuropathy, etc.) and supportive care of cancer patients
  • Bone and muscle aches, pain in the spine
  • Supportive care of diabetics
  • Supportive care of pregnant women, prenatal and postnatal

“Reflexology alleviates pain, relaxes tension and can truly strengthen the body – without side effects.”

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