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Jerusalem Computers: An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away! 


Let’s face it: your computer is a part of you. You use it daily to socialize, to work, to study and to be entertained. Most of us use the computer for dozens if not hundreds of hours every week, yet we rarely take the time to stop for a second, and care for it. Sadly, most of us don’t have the time or the knowledge to read the signs of an upcoming problem, and only realize something has gone seriously wrong at the worst possible moment (when is a good moment for the computer to crash?). Just like a bad flu, most computer problems can be prevented much in advance, by caring for it regularly. I know – that’s the difficult part. This is where we come in.

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Caring for your computer is not rocket science, and is usually a whole lot easier (and cheaper!) than repairing it. A simple task of cleaning out dust every several weeks will keep it happy and fast for months to come. Preventing viruses from entering your computer is a whole lot simpler than you may think – 99% of viruses can be prevented using nothing more but commons sense (the rule of thumb is this: if the download link you are after looks too good to be true, it probably is).  Your computer wellness depends on your ability to know what to click and what not to click, as well as your “exercise” of self- discipline:  malware scans, virus scans and updates need to be done on regular basis.

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Jerusalem Computers was founded five years ago with the belief that a good computer lab offering customer service at American standards, with affordable prices and a quick turnaround, will truly change not only the computer-repair scene in Jerusalem, but also people’s perception on going to the doctor’s. The computer’s role in your life has changed dramatically in recent years. It is no longer just a box that sits in your living room covered in plastic – it’s a living thing, and it requires regular tender love and care, or else it gets sad, and retaliates. So bring it in, before it’s really sick. We’ll give it back to you happy and smiling!


Jerusalem Computers is located at 1 Trumpeldor Street, and is open daily from 8am to 8pm. You can read more about us at


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