Help the Body Heal Itself with Acupuncture

Yehudis Shamroth RNI am a Nurse Acupuncturist with 30 plus years experience as a nurse anesthetist as well. I often marvel at the fact that despite all of the medical and technological advances, there are so many people suffering with chronic pain and illness.

How is it, I wondered, that people are told things like “I am sorry but you will have to just live with your pain, insomnia, asthma, allergies, diabetes, anxiety”( fill in the blank)? I have been aware of, and have been open to the benefits of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and herbs in particular. It is only in my mature years as a health care provider that I have finally received the education in this “alternative” medicine field.

“I believe that offering treatments such as acupuncture helps train the body to energize and heal itself.”

We know that acupuncture appears to have a regulatory effect on neurotransmitters and hormones. It offers a calming effect, can reduce inflammation, and often stimulates the body’s natural drive towards inner balance or homeostasis in a way that no Western treatment can.

East Meets West:

Whether giving anesthesia for  surgery or administering an acupuncture treatment for pain or illness, I have come to realize that the wave of the future is to have all options open for our healing. I will not likely forgo all my years of training as a nurse anesthetist to exclusively practice alternative medicine. Conversely, I could not go back to offering Western medicine treatments alone . All too often, allopathic medicine inadequately addresses  a patient’s complex issues that may have  led to their illness or problem. My goal is to evaluate what each person needs by carefully taking a medical history, performing a brief physical examination, and finally reviewing  lab work. I will recommend acupuncture, herbs or massage for some (those who need pain relief, anxiety, help with digestive issues etc), and I will recommend a visit to the doctor for those with, for example, severe kidney infections , chest pain, or extremely high blood pressure.

As a nurse, herbalist and medical Acupuncturist, I feel qualified to provide the true holistic care you deserve.

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