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L.A.K. Creations and Consulting, founded in 1997 by Lesley Kaplan.

“Customer service is the most important aspect to us. We stand fully behind our services and products. It is important to us that each and every client is not only satisfied with our services, but will recommend us to others due to our high standards,” explains Lesley.

Her company services two unique markets with the same attention to detail, top-notch customer service, and high standards which are integral to the success of the company.

  1. “Creations” division – L.A.K.  produces a wide range of promotional products and personalized printed gifts for business and private events, as well as unique printed and magnetic gifts.
  2. “Consulting” division – L.A.K.  provides one-on-one business consulting and coaching, and runs interactive workshops relating to business development and self-enhancement.

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L.A.K. began when Lesley, a human resources, organizational consultant and group facilitator, saw a business opportunity which didn’t previously exist in Israel: servicing small businesses and individuals looking to enhance their abilities, expand clientele and marketing activities, increase productively to meet their goals, as well as operate more effectively.

“I love working with others in developing themselves and their businesses,” says Lesley. “My passion is self-enhancement, be it personal development or business. It gives me great satisfaction knowing I’ve made a difference in assisting someone in developing and reaching their goals, sales, marketing plans, time management, and much more!”

New olim often face unique challenges in the Israeli marketplace, and L.A.K. is there to help. “If you maintain your high standards, eventually it will be to your advantage, as people are slowly expecting and demanding the Anglo type of service here too—which many of the Israeli companies unfortunately still lack. Don’t compromise on your standards, and always aim to be that little bit better than your competition,” advises Lesley. The language and cultural barriers can initially be challenging to overcome, but Lesley uses her own success as an example for others: “I managed this by adapting to the market and culture while maintaining my high standards and ethics! I arrived in Israel 25 years ago with no Hebrew, and now not only negotiate in Hebrew, but also design and facilitate workshops in Ivrit.”

L.A.K. Creations and Consulting supports businesses and individuals looking to grow themselves and their clientele. This company is committed to the success of others and this is reflected in their founder’s positive attitude.

“If you’re passionate about what you do, believe in your business idea, pay attention to detail and are able to provide top class service—go for it! Don’t work to be average. Aim to be the best in your field and continue on a regular basis to enhance your knowledge and skills. There are many skills required & everyday challenges in managing your own business. Remain focused, work hard, set priorities, and see mistakes as a stepping stone for future successes.” 

Contact L.A.K. Creations & Consulting at 02-590-0908  ●  054-424-7628

Creating unique opportunities ● Creating unique products ● Creating solutions

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