In Costa Rica “Nicoyan’s” tribal-Longevity is a “Plan!”

How do they live so much longer and happier? 

In this remote inland Costa Rican community of Nicoya, a middle-aged man of about 60 years old has double the chance of reaching age 90 than the same aged man in the USA. These people experience the lowest rates of cancer than the rest of their native country of Costa Rica.

What are Some of their Secrets of Longevity?

Their sense of purpose in life encourages a physically active lifestyle that dedicates plenty of time outdoors. Dedicated time is also spent centered around family activities and on a focus of spirituality.

The people are smart to fully rest by sleeping eight(8) hours nightly. By looking at the chart above we realize that their diet includes not only nutrient-rich foods like beans, corn, and rice but also water that’s naturally high in calcium and magnesium.


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