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What’s a triathlon?  Typically it’s a “multisport activity comprising of three aerobic disciplines performed consecutively as one continuous event. While countless variations of triathlons exist, the most common form involves swimming, cycling, and running.”  “” Yet, for this 67-year-old writer…my more »

The Dead Sea’s Healing Powers

The Dead Sea is known around the world for it’s healing powers. For many generations, in fact going back to Cleopatra, visitors who have cherished the minerals and waters of this spa location have journeyed from far and wide to receive treatments for conditions like; Psoriasis, Arthritis, Asthma, and a host of other autoimmune conditions.

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Acid & Alkaline

Our health and wellness is the most important part of our lives in order to be productive and able to help others and live longer quality lives. In this website and newsletter, we promote all of these professions who treat more »