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what is a triathlon

What’s a triathlon?  Typically it’s a “multisport activity comprising of three aerobic disciplines performed consecutively as one continuous event. While countless variations of triathlons exist, the most common form involves swimming, cycling, and running.”  “”

Here’s Sparticus played by Kirk Douglas who actually lived past 100 due to his lifestyle and “grit!”

Yet, for this 67-year-old writer…my “modified triathlon,” as a Senior Citizen in Israel, has three easy steps; a relaxed Walk, a slow Swim plus a fun Bike. Each at any speed or duration.

1) By just walking with my hiking poles up and down the “Tiyellet” (or boardwalk in Hebrew) in either direction. This qualifies as my “run!” 

2) When riding my rusty ole “girls” bike – this opens my legs and eyes to the wonder of Nahariya’s sea and sand vistas.

3) Late in the day, I begin the even slower process of  incrementally swimming my 36 laps. 

This 3-step goal is to start, each night after dinner, with a slow, breathing, and digesting walk by the sea with other friends in town. And, of course, it is my expressed intention that we use this as a “social” time to congregate! People learn and also get stronger in group settings. No place is better than on the beach, anywhere in the world, but Nahariya has a natural health spa “built-in” to this locale.

On the next morning, our plan is an early bike ride to get our juices flowing, and then, after a normal siesta or nap time, any kind of a cool-down swim gets us breathing deep. Often, when the weather is warm,  I will jump into the sea and sit on the sand with my water, fruits, and a good mystery book! In this small way, you might call me a couch potato – on the beach of course!

Won’t you join us, with our fellow Anglos in Nahariya and give our Longevity concept a try? Together we will breathe deep, relax and enjoy our life in Nahariya. Of course, diet is important – if any of you are interested I’d like to join forces and develop a Vegan nutrition program we can all teach each other – recipes, and potluck cookouts rotating around town! All ideas are welcome!!

Charleton Heston, another long-living actor who played our Moshe Rabenu with Tablets in hand!

*According to, “Moses was 120 years old when he died, yet his eyes were not weak nor his strength gone. And how was Moses able to live to 120 yet still have his strength and vitality?”  see link here.

So look for me as the “slow-motion” Altacocker King Triathalon 67-year-old Mati Katz who from February 2022 through November (our nice weather season in Nahariyya!) you will see me and others who join the call.

Two other activities will be a part of all Senior Triathlon members. We will all end our morning bike at Landwer’s for a community coffee clatch! This gives us a chance to tell jokes and other bubermisers – at about 9 am-ish. The other potential activity is the nighttime stroll can end also in a game of “non-competitive” chess also at Landwer’s around 7:00 pm Sunday/Wednesday only.




Join the Fun, don’t pass go, just show up! Register otherwise to get announcements on our Group Chess and Exercise Whatsapp – 058-367-4900 – you may remove yourself anytime!

Also, Enjoy & Remember Forrest Gump (1994)…

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