After 400 years, Ghana beckons the Diaspora to Return!

A new day is coming…If you want a life of “FREEDOM,” an offer to anyone of African descent to go “home” for the first time ever!

“About half a million Africans in the Diasporic Community* are expected to arrive in the country to take part in “The Year of Return Ghana 2019,” a historic campaign to mark the end of 400 years of the slave trade in Ghana.” {source of quote here}







All great-great-grandchildren of slaves torn from their African homeland are invited to resettle in modern-day Country of Ghana. Watch video!

*Diasporic community – a widely dispersed community as a result of a natural disaster, politics, slavery by abduction, etc. Diaspora – a dispersion of people from their original homeland or the community formed by those people. – developed along trade routes.” {Source of quote here}

The greatest challenge in this is lost identity in making a fresh return home to beautiful and scenic Ghana. First, the new returning immigrants have little or no cultural connection with old Ghana language and traditions, AND, second, Ghana today is not the same as it was 400 years ago when slavery ripped its people to far-away lands to be subservient. Two concerns arise; one to absorb such a great number of people and second to give them access to lifestyles today that will improve their lives from where they have lived for so many generations, post-slavery. See below for our “sample” GIFT BOX to teach new citizens returning to Ghana how to begin a DIVINE LIFESTYLE! Only $169 at a local store in major cities of the USA. Click here to receive an address near you.

Those who are determined to “come home” can carve out a living, said Entrepreneur Dedo Azu. “If you come, you will find a little space to do what you want or make it better.

“If we all came back and brought what we have, maybe we would really have something to show off,” said Azu, taking a sip of her company’s uniquely manufactured iced Earl Grey tea.

She understands why the government is inviting people back. “It boils down to a simple message, ‘We love you, so come home’,” she said.


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