Josephs 20% Rule

How much do you value the idea of; getting out of debt, helping Israel’s economy and staying or becoming more healthy? We have a system that will allow you to do all three of these!

If you follow the story of Joseph in the Torah, Pharoah asked him “How can we survive seven (7) years of famine?” We must all agree that we are in the worst recession in over 50 years, and each of us have a lot of digging out to do!

Joseph’s solution is an ancient anwer to debt consolidation: Put aside 1/5th of your grain for a rainy day! In other words, WHEN WE SAVE 20% of our earnings and don’t touch it, this money will feed us and pay off our debts in 7 – 14 years. It all depends on how deep we are in debt. Click here and we will allow you to estimate, based on the amount you owe, how long it will take you to pay it all off if you can save 20% per year! THE GREATEST PART IS THAT AFTER YOU PAY OFF THE DEBT, CONTINUE TO SAVE 20% OF YOUR INCOME AND USE THIS AS YOUR RETIREMENT FUND! We’ll show you how much will be there for you and your family in 10, 15, 20, 25 years, etc.

When you work with our financial team, we offer this service for free!* The benefit is that part of the banks normal fees for allowing them to hold your money goes to a fund to give to our scholarship fund to help people travel to Israel (benefiting the economy there) for the purpose of treating acute Psoriasis, Arthritis and type-2 Diabetes. It’s our mission as a nonprofit to provide this treatment, and the banks we have contracted with will help you get-out-of-debt and donate to our scholarships as a tax-deduction to us from you! Here is another benefit.


Pay off debts in 7 – 14 years, depending on the size of debt

Help people with chronic illnesses get well and feel more productive

Support Israel’s economy by putting resources into our treatment center at the Dead Sea.

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* as a nonprofit we cannot charge for this service or advise, we contract with an outside service that will help arrange this savings program and they donate a small percent to our charity for guiding people to help themselves and others.