Healthy teeth, ergo Longer Lifespan! Yes…


What do we know about our teeth? Do you remember the movie, Spartacus? See on right, Kirk Douglas played this slave in ancient Rome and to become a Gladiator they checked the strength of his “teeth!” They do this with horses too…because good chewing teeth indicate body health, good digestion and organ processing of food for proper elimination.

Thus excellent “mastication”** of food (chewing!) results in the proper stomach and intestinal digestion with great enzymes only created by this chewing process. All create a healthy body.


Here is my personal journey to achieve this good chewing, digestion and healthy elimination process to foster LONGEVITY!

In 30-years I’ve had a lot of dental work, but until recently it did not result in this type of terrific care of my teeth and gums (which Clinica Baldor offered me). What happened and where did I go for awesome Dental Care – Costa Rica! To the offices of Dr. Fernando and Dr. Silvia at their dental Clinica Baldor (link to their website for information about their services in English/Spanish).

Their caring staff gave me many kinds of treatment and restoration. Initially, I flew to Costa Rica in October of 2017 to be measured for two dental implants in my upper left jaw where I had two

extractions over a year before. This gap in my mouth made it impossible for me to chew on the left side of my mouth. That meant no meat, salad or nuts could be broken down totally. I had to swallow most food only partially broken-down. This meant very bad digestion and mostly gas bloating and indigestion for about two years!

But they took impressions and measurements and in a short visit they gave me great “HOPE!” As a result of their repeated guidance, I was able to get the implants I needed within a year of this first visit and I now have my teeth to chew again. But in the process I was able to get complete gum (Periodontal cleaning) treatments, several crowns restored and lessons in flossing and brushing to keep my mouth, teeth, and gums healthy and strong. Maybe I’m not “SPARTACUS” now, but I hope to live a longer and healthier life.

What really happened in these two years of drilling, fitting and surgical placing of the new implant teeth in my mouth? Doctors Fernando and Silvia made sure that I was always communicated with and comfortable, no pain during this process was experienced. But due to the location, Costa Rica had beaches andvolcanic hot springs. So, in between surgery and stitches being healed before the next fittings, I was encouraged to

rest and relax at one of these amazing beautiful resorts: Arenal Volcano on the left and Lima Beach on the right side. When I totaled the cost of 3-trips and two vacations flying from USA round-trip it was less than $6,000 for food, hotel, UBER, busses, airfare, and dental care. In the USA for the exact same treatments and NO vacations, just PAIN, it would cost about $10-12,000 for just the dental implants. But it would not have included crowns and periodontal cleaning. Roughly, I saved 50% and enjoyed the vacations and the cultural experience of wonderful people in Costa Rica.

For more information in English email Ary, the son of the dentists –

**Chewing or mastication is the process by which food is crushed and ground by teeth. It is the first step of digestion, and it increases the surface area of foods to allow a more efficient break down by enzymes.

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