Healing with Food, Exercise and Mindfulness

moskowitzby Dr. Avraham Moskowitz

Our bodies have amazing regenerative abilities. This is the basis of natural healing. Once we identify the source of an illness or condition, we can begin to cleanse and nourish. Natural substances, especially from the plant and mineral kingdoms, when chosen properly, along with conscious lifestyle modifications, can achieve long-term remission and healing.

There was a time when natural healing methods were accepted by people in every culture. This was before the 1840’s. Until then, we valued the experience of thousands of years that offered people some common sense approaches to healing. Much of that wisdom has been greatly lost and diluted in our society.

The profession of Naturopathic Medicine, however, kept its embers alive throughout the last 170 years as the only real unbroken chain of this knowledge in the western world. This wisdom is now available. Indeed, a lot of scientific testing has built upon this wisdom.

Everyone acknowledges that conventional medicine has made great strides. The average life span has substantially increased in years. In many fields of medicine, tremendous advances have made life more comfortable. In acute cases, modern medicine has shined, especially in saving lives in emergencies.

However, when dealing with long term chronic diseases, practitioners of modern moskowitzmedicine would be the first to admit they lack many answers. Living longer while suffering from a chronic disease is not optimal. Natural medicine provides many answers to healing by listening to nature and living by its rules.

A person can do anything, once he/she wills it into existence. Of course, a support team helps, including selecting professionals who will lift-your-spirits-up if you feel “discouraged.”

Wisely choose professionals who are supportive and always surround yourself with family and friends who encourage your own “positive thoughts!” Don’t let others stress you out.

It may seem obvious, but knowledge without action is planning to fail!  Once you have the right information and will power, together with our supportive team, we can help you start new lifestyle changes and bring them into action in your own life. We will be here to help!

Through this process, you can feel great again and begin to live a highly energetic and productive life.

Feel free to contact me, see the display ad in the newsletter –Avraham Moskowitz, ND – Director of our holistic team  @ Editor@HealthRightIsrael.com

“We believe in you, that we all have a right to be healthy in Israel!”


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