Get Back in Shape – Senior Citizens of Nahariya – Men & Women walking together on the Beaches

We all want to become or remain healthy and live long productive lives. The purpose of our website is to encourage men and women over 65 to increase their lifespans and exercise together. On the beaches of Nahariya, we have created this EASY three-part system – Sunday through Thursday, all summer long:

1) 6 am boardwalk biking,

2) at 3 pm together we walk barefoot in the sea and on beaches,

3) and at 7 pm in order to digest our dinner properly, we utilize professional walking sticks to stretch our upper backs and calves while we breathe Mediterranean salt air.

Active seniors on bicycles and having a great time. Non-competitive cycling.

In our first morning activity, we’ll bike together from “the Big Sails” below on our Gaton to the Gorilla playground 20 minutes south.










Upon return each morning to the Sails area, the group will stop for coffee and schmooze at Rothchild Cafe for coffee and schmooze.


At 3 pm all summer long we’ll walk barefoot around the “I Love Naha Ria beach circling both lifeguard stations at the bottom of Haymayosdeem Street in Naharia.


Evening walk at 7 pm after dinner is a “digestive” stroll with walking stick polls. North from the sails towards Hofadekel shopping area on the boardwalk, near these umbrellas and benches to rest: We return home by way of the Sails again, watching sunset…

The entire 90-days from June 1st until August 31st will be a “fitness and endurance” challenge and a matching fundraiser to feed victims of terror in Israel. When you enroll make out a post-dated check (21-days ahead of joining the team) of 1,000 Shekels to be donated to Victims of Terror in Jerusalem  – see below. When you pass the 21-day trial period, your check will be sent to this nonprofit for donation. If you quit before the check will be returned to you directly. At any time after this 21-day period you can ask friends and family to match your gift dollar for dollar using this link below. We will be helping people overcome their terrorist experience with the power of love and choosing healthy living at our age. “Ohr Meir & Bracha – The Terror Victims Support Center” –

And, to join email for instructions.



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